ALLTOP 2022 48v 12v 7ah Holder For Batteries 320ah 3.2v Trey 100w Lifep04 Battery

Short Description:

The product belongs to one of the series of household
energy storage products that are independently
designed and developed by us. It is used for energy
storage and energy supply to household, commercial,
UPS and other electrical equipment.
This product enjoys many merits: long cycle life, high
safety standard from software protection to strong
housing, exquisite looks, and easy installation, etc.
It is widely used in energy storage system with off-grid
inverters, grid-connected inverters and hybrid inverters.

Product Detail

Product Tags

1.Battery Cells
High-end battery cells keep every cell's voltage, resistance,capacity, discharging always in sync.
2.Battery Protector
High precision IC keep performance more stable protect over load, over charge, over discharge, short circuit, over voltage,over current keep battery pack always safe and long life span.
3.Precision Welding Machine
Fully automatic precision welding machine can ensure that every battery can be welded firmly to prevent the danger of short circuit or power failure.
4.Aging Test Machine
every battery pack need to thorough charging and discharging test by the aging test machine to keep 100% qualified.

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