Alltop High Quality Pure Sine Wave Solar Energy System

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Alltop High Quality Pure Sine Wave Solar Energy System

Solar AC DC Power System is composed of inverter, solar charge controller and built-in battery, all in one. It can output the DC power and AC power. It is portable, easy operation and space saving.
Key Features
* Easy maintenance
* Save time and money on servic
* Client authentication
* Provide training* 100% Full Power
* Import MOS tube Power Material
* Double Powered Protection
* Dual temperature control Protection
* Battery and city power priority switc

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Item No. DQ1901A300-01/DQ1901B500-01/DQ1901C1K-01/DQ1901D1K5-01/DQ1901D1K5-01 DQ1901E2K-01/DQ1901F3K-01/DQ1901G5K-01/DQ1901J10K-01/DQ1901K15K-01/DQ1901L20K-01
    Hybrid Solar Inverter 300W/00W/1000W/1500W Solar Power System 2KWW/3KW5KW/10KW/15KW/20KW Solar Power System
    Charge And Discharge Controller 12V 10A / 24V 20A / 24V 30A / 48V 60A /48V 80A /96V 80A/ 96V 120A /192V 120V/
    Output Voltage 220VAC 50Hz 220VAC 50Hz
    Working Voltage 12V/24V 48V
    Solar Panel 1PCS/2PCS,180W 18V/300W 30V Polycrystalline, 8PCS/12PCS/ 20PCS/3656PCS64PCS, 300W 30V  Polycrystalline,
    Battery Gel Battery, 12V 55AH, 1PCS/2PCS/12V 100AH, 2PCS 12V 150AH, 4PCS/12V 200AH, 12PCS/20PCS/36PCS/56PCS/72PCS, Gel Battery,
    Cables 4mm² PV, Red and Black, 5m/7m 4mm²  PV, Red and Black, 30mm~250mm Cables;  8mm²  For PV, Red and Black,  10m~80m
    Operating Ambient Temperature -20-+65ºC -20-+65ºC
    Warranty 3 Years

    3 Years

    Solar Power System DQ1901 (1)

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