Product Overview
LED solar home system is an off-grid solar generator designed to provide stable and reliable
power to homes and communities or areas without or even electricity without access to grid
The solar system is characterized by convenient movement , easy installation , and reliable
performance, which is very suitable for situations requiring emergency power.
it’s a portable solar power system which is reliable
energy source for many applications such as lighitng,
radios, fans, TVs, computers, refrigerators. The USB
port is compatible with all 5V-USB charging devices.
It can also be used as a backup power source in
emergency situations.
Strong Compatibility
Equipped with three different interfaces: AC, USB, and
car charger port, providing AC and DC output in two
different voltage modes, which can power multiple
devices at the same time.
mini solar power system,5kw solar power system

Post time: Jul-25-2022